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Josh LabovitZ


Specialization: Sports Specific Conditioning

                         Physique Transformations

                         Suspension Training (TRX)

                         Movement/Flexibility Improvement:

                         Senior Fitness and Wellness  


Certifications: ACE (American Council on Exercise)

                       PGFA (Professional Golf Fitness Association)

                       ISMA (International Sports Medicine Association)

                       IWA (International Weight Lifting Association)


Philosophy: In the 27 years I have been a professional fitness trainer, it has been my mission to spread awareness of the simplicity and safety of physical conditioning. After decades of witnessing injury after injury, and the waste of precious time and energy, I have made it my #1 priority to simplify the fundamentals of fitness training in order to empower everyone in their pursuit of the physique and lifestyle they want to create… To give you the
power to take control of your body and life. To give you the power to decide the path of health and wellness that is best for you. To give you the tools and knowledge needed to create the successes that you want to see happen… We train together as a team, to realize your achievements, and bear witness to the brilliant simplicity, and ridiculous effectiveness, of proven, smart, safe, and sensible physical conditioning.

Brooke Loraine


Specialization:  Strength Training

                         Physique Transformations

                         Women’s Fitness and Wellness

Certification:     IAP (International Association of Professions)

International Sports Sciences

Association Glute Specialist

Certified Online Coach

Philosophy:     I focus on training my clients in ways that support their goals. Specializing in women’s health, I work with women through all stages of life including pregnancy and postpartum. Helping my clients to not only start their fitness journey but to have them fall in love with the process, is what fuels my passion for personal training. Creating fun and challenging workouts that work and pushing my clients the necessary amount to get the results.

I am focused and direct but love to have fun, having fun is crucial to long lasting results. As I always tell my clients “Fitness is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle”, We are in this for life.

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Alida Markwood


Specialization: Strength Training and Conditioning

                          Weight Lifting

                          Body Weight Strength training


Certification:  NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)


Philosophy:  The gym is what makes me feel better and I want to help you find what works for YOU. Whatever that is, I will be by your side as a coach to not only motivate you, build your
program, and correct form, but I will also become your friend. We will personalize every program and workout to YOUR goals. After gaining experience with one-on- one coaching and seeing the transformation people felt both physically and mentally, I saw that there was a need for coaches like me. Coaches who can help people fall in love with fitness as much as I did.

Juan Manuel Guerrero Bernal


Specialization: Body Building

                        Strength Training and Conditioning

                        Physique Transformations

                        Lifestyle Empowerment


Philosophy:  I am able to turn an exercise routine into a fun activity through high doses of patience and empathy in order to connect with the client's needs and realize success… With a constant focus on positive motivation and confidence building, all goals are attainable.

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